My grandparents were born in the early part of the 20th Century while my children were born in the early 21st Century. The changes that have taken place in the 100 years between is mind boggling.

There are fascinating pictures on the internet that give us a clue on the lifestyles. Period movies also give us a glimpse on the society that existed then.

A Nair girl going to school in 1900’s — pic from Reddit

For instance, I found this picture of a Nair girl on her way to school and what struck me is that my paternal grandmother who also went to school for her early education may have dressed…

Periods is at the same time a boon and a bane. While it is an indicator of the state of a woman’s health, it is also inconvenient particularly when you don’t have the luxury of working from home. Women are expected to keep up during those days and its not just about the pain and other discomfort but even staining worries can lead to lot of unwanted anxiety. We all need a good period predictor.

Usually there are clear symptoms that indicates an impending period but sometimes even with all the symptoms it fails to materialize leading to anxiety. You…

Reshma Mathew was this outstanding student in my batch whom I met at poetry recitation competitions. This was way back in middle school in our colony. We went to different schools. But everyone knew her. She was this smart kid who floored the other participants with her confidence and usually walked away with the top honours. She was a force to reckon with. Her father was a well respected English teacher in the school she went to. Incidentally he had mentored my own brother in his high school years.
Few years back, when I moved to Mumbai, I regrouped with…

The BJP governance particularly this stint from 2014 onwards is a great case-study on the means and methods of subverting democracy. The rot existed before but never so rampant.

When we all know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, the locks and checks to keep the machinery work smoothly benefiting the populace, need to be vibrant and function efficiently. Clearly the constitution has ample loop holes and so does our legal system which are all getting exposed now by this government. Their actions remain barely legal to perpetrate their authoritarian governance. And where the loop holes aren’t there…

Some dyes run deep
Changing you from out to in
It takes time. Little by little,
Layer by layer it soaks.
Until you reach the point of no return.
When you have morphed into an unalterable entity

My parents live in terror all waking hours. They fear that the Muslims are taking over their land and culture. They have taken up on themselves to join the movement as foot soldiers in freeing us of the malice, armed with a TV remote and a Smart Phone. They live in their bigoted perspective, channeled by fake information on a news channel or…

For the past many years, my life was not in my control. My smart phone was in charge. As my phone got smarter I got more hooked to it and more disconnected from life.

The attraction of social media is undeniable. Reconnecting with old friends is the best part, but it is staying connected that takes a toll. Especially because you now are in touch with thousands of contacts across various platforms. You feel obliged to stay in touch. And time is a limited resource.

It was different once when all you had was a phone number. Before that, we…

I deleted Whatsapp. And I am none the worse. Things are brighter and more peaceful. Coincidently my first day of freedom from Whatsapp was on April Fool’s Day. Who is the fool here? I will let you speculate. Try and be objective. Freedom from anything is superior than slavery isn’t it?

I got introduced to Whatsapp in 2013. It was fun in the beginning and a great way to keep in touch with your close family and friends. But slowly the turf got murkier and sticker. The groups increased imperceptibly. Family groups, School groups, college groups, work groups, friends groups……

I have always wanted to enroll for a Vipassana retreat. Once me and my friends enrolled for a 10 day retreat but it got cancelled because of water shortage at the Center. It was a difficult summer. At that time I had spent some time reading about it and talking to a friend who had done the course. The feeler I got was that it isn’t easy but is definitely life changing. One of the things that stayed in my mind was that it required long hours of mediation, an hour at a stretch.

Since September or so last year…

Kalpana Abhijith

Mother of two spirited young ladies, Architect, Thinker, Meditator. I write sometimes when the urge to write pushes me from my slothful pre-condition.

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